Wednesday, September 14, 2016

10 irritating things people do in a cinema hall

Have you ever been to a cinema and wished that you had never come? Have you ever been turned off by the constant show of PDA by the couple sitting in front of you? Have you wished that you were better off watching the movie at home?
Yes, we know the feeling. It is irritating to say the least. Even at this day and age people, or rather some people don’t know how to behave in public. The constant ringing of phones, the loud chatter and everything else is bound to get on your nerves.
Here are the top irritating things people are known to do in cinemas:
Not switching off their phones
This is at the top of the list. Nobody can say that they have been to a cinema and somebody’s phone hadn’t rung in the middle of the movie!
As mentioned above, many couples take to theatres just to find a cosy place. The movie is of no interest in them. Their constant antics become a source of irritation for most people. Some people, however, might find a couple’s PDA more entertaining in case the movie is boring.
Talking Loudly
Ever sat right behind two girls or two boys talking loudly about the movie? In such cases, one person has seen the movie already and keeps on spoiling it for others!
Crying babies
Babies crying loudly in a theatre are not cool at all. Most of the time the parents find it very hard to pacify the baby and he or she keeps on crying.
Munching popcorn loudly
Not many people experience this, but those who do find it to be very irritating. Most of the time the size of the popcorn bucket is so big that the loud chewing never ends!
Laughing loudly when everybody else is quiet
Some people are in the habit of laughing loudly at odd moments. The laughter might erupt even when a beloved character in the movie has just died!
Some people might find it entertaining, but whistling loudly when a popular actor or actress enters the movie is highly irritating. Most of the time it is accompanied by loud comments!
Dancing on the seats
It happens mostly when there is a Khan in the movie. Regardless of how bad the movie is, crazy fans get on top of their seats and start dancing!
Throwing coins at the screen
This is something which happens perhaps only in India. People get up and start emptying their pockets towards the screen! Most of the time the reason is a popular item number!
Seat stealing
Ever gone to a theatre and found somebody else occupying your place? Happens quite often, right? Most of the time these people do it knowingly!
Yelling at the screen

Yelling at the screen to know that the movie is awful is quite a common sight in theatres. The person indulging in it often has no idea about its effect on the other people sitting around him.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review - The Bestseller She Wrote is my favorite website.

Because they send me free books from time to time in exchange for a review!

This time I was sent "The bestseller she wrote" by Ravi Subramanian.

I had very high expectations from this book because the last book of Mr Subramanian was "God is a gamer" and I had liked it very much. That was also sent by had finished reading it in just one day.

So, I was expecting something along the same lines with this book. However, this book didnt quite meet my expectations. The cover itself hints at a love story which I wasnt interested in. It depicts a guy who looks overtly confident and cocky. The girl towards his right side is good to look at, but not beautiful. She can be best described as "alluring". And young.

So, with this kind of a cover which clearly told me that this book isnt a thriller or anything of that sort, I was sort of disappointed. But I read it anyway. I love reading books and this was another free book to read!

Moments into the book, I realized that the author was talking about somebody who exists in real life. the lead male character has passed out from one of the IIM-s, is a banker turned author and used to live in Hong Kong. Yes, everybody will realize who the author has based his character on. But unlike the real person, this character "Aditya Kapoor" isnt likeable at all. He lashes out at his best friend for no reason at all just because he is drunk. He is arrogant to the point of being a complete douche! He is so confident that it borders around narcisstic disorder.  With a central character who is like this, it is very difficult to hold onto a book.

And then there is the female character - Shreya. When her character counters Aditya in the first chapter itself, the reader gets some hope that at least this one will turn out to be a fiery character.


All her hatred/anger/criticism of the author goes away after just ONE night of reading Aditya's first book. Yes, just ONE night!

Very hard to believe really.

So our girl-turned-fangirl starts pursuing the author so vehemently that he gives in to her.

Hey, but what happened to the author's wife?

Read the book to find out. Its not a classic for sure, but its entertaining. Purists may not like the "extramarital" angle at all, but they are everywhere these days.

Readers who are new to Rabi Subramanian will not be disappointed. But "God is a gamer" remains his best book till date. He should write a sequel to that one. ASAP. My opnion is that he should write more of his "banking thriller" books. Romance is already a very crowded genre and doesnt need new authors anymore. Or rather I should say that banking is the one genre which needs more of Ravi Subramanian.

Good things:

1) Good pace
2) A different perspective on extramarital affairs
3) Will appeal to women

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Share the Load - Enter Ariel Matic!

Washing clothes has never been a man’s domain. At least not in this country! It is something which is supposedly only a woman’s job. Never mind the fact that women can do everything which men can and possibly some more.

Anyway, coming to the topic of washing clothes in my home – it has been always been the maid’s job. Sometimes I and my mother wash our own clothes. But my dad has never washed clothes! He can cook and he does so on weekends, but he never washes clothes.

So imagine the look on his face when I told him that I had entered a contest which required him to wash clothes! His face looked like I had asked him to go and jump from the terrace! After digesting the initial shock, my dad agreed to try his hand at the washing machine for the very first time in his life.

Enter Ariel Matic, recommended by LG, the company who sells the maximum number of washing machines in the country.

Was the experience good? Yes!

Ariel Matic didn’t just wash clothes, but also made them look like they have never been washed before! Whites looked whiter and the coloured ones looked more colourful than ever. It is definitely going to be the choice of washing powder for our home now.

So what is so good about Ariel Matic?

1)      It easily removed ink stains left on my dad’s t-shirt pocket
2)      It also managed to remove blood stains from a bed-sheet. My dog had cut her paw and had left a few drops of blood on the sheet. 18 hours had passed since the accident had occurred when the bed-sheet was loaded into the washing machine.
3)      Ariel Matic also managed to remove an old tea stain which I had left on one of my orange coloured kurtis!
So why would we even think of trying any other washing powder now? Ariel Matic it is!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review - Ramayana - The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams By Shubha Vilas

I have never been a big fan of mythology. Who wants to read about kings and queens who didnt exist? Anyway...I am not one to say no to a free book either! So in spite of the fact that I havent read the first part of the series, I signed up for reviewing Shubha Vilas's "Ramayana: The Game of life : Shattered Dreams".

This book actually took me to my childhood. Why my childhood? Because I remember gobbling up a big fat Ramayana in my childhood. I was just about 10 years old. I read and read it and then finished it and then picked it up again. The book belonged to my grandmother. She had read it and had given it to me. At the age when children read poems and fairy tales, I started reading the Ramayana! The Mahabharata came much later, but thats another story.

So, the Game of Life, without giving out any spoilers, delves deep into the Ramayana and answers some questions we didnt even know we had. For example, why was Rama exiled for 14 years? Why not 10? Or 15? Why specifically 14 years? Readers have to read the book to find out. The prose is smooth, the storytelling is vivid and the descriptions are spot-on. You can actually go back to that time and see the characters right through the eyes of your mind.

The cover shows a very distressed Rama, presumably over his exile. Its a side we have never seen before. We all know that he accepted his punishment with grace and decided to leave. But hey,even Gods can get upset!

I am glad I read this book. Now I will go ahead and buy the first book of the series. Hopefully there will be a third as well. A big thank you to BlogAdda for re-introducing me to the Ramayana.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Flying high - A simple girl's story from OR to AND

How many times do we women have to hear statements like the following?

“You have to choose between family and work, are your kids more important to you or your job”?

“You must be really selfish because you chose your career over having a child”

“You know, you could have gone for a traditional career like teaching and not that of a DJ which is certainly not safe for women”!

Aren’t we all sick of hearing statements like this? And the worst part is that these often come from our family members, friends, spouses, siblings and so on.

Women today are choosing to go for everything from becoming a tattoo artist to an animal rights activist – none of which are considered “safe” or “traditional” for them. However, why do we have to choose between what we want to become and what we are “supposed” to become”? Why is there always an “or” and not an “AND”? Why can’t we be successful banker AND a doting mother instead of a banker OR a mom”?

This is the story of my friend, Muskan, who had to struggle for everything right from her childhood. Coming from a conservative family, with a long line of 5 sisters behind her, she was asked to give up on her education after class X. She refused to do so and started working part-time at a tailoring shop to fund her own education. It is needless to say here that even when she started bringing money to her home, her family still didn’t approve of her doing a job and studying at the same time. She was either supposed to be a “good girl” and get married or stay at home till she was married off.

She did neither of those things. Not only did she fund her own education till college, she joined an airhostess training academy after successfully procuring a loan from a nationalized bank. Today, she works with one of the leading airlines and is happily married to a man who loves her for what she is and not for what she was “meant” to be.

I salute you my friend. I am glad to have made your acquaintance in this lifetime.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Think laundry is boring? Think again

Who could have thought that doing laundry - a mundane job at its best, had the ability to stir up a debate on gender inequality?

What we do think of while we are doing laundry? Most women possibly dont even think think anything while doing it because its something they have to do. Its something they go on doing their whole lives. They dont stop for a second to think about it...and why would they? Who will do the laundry if they started to think about it and worse...about NOT doing it?

 Imagine a scenario if women stopped doing laundry altogether. Men will show up at their workplaces wearing dirty clothes, kids will go to schools with dirty crumpled uniforms and everybody would start smelling really really bad because of their unwashed attire. People may keep on taking out new washed clothes for wearing everyday, but eventually their wardrobes WILL fall short. If you are a celebrity, then off course you dont have to think about unlimited supply of cleaned and ironed clothes! For us, the common people, even this mundane daily job will become the biggest thing to worry about. In short, the whole world will be in chaos!

 So its not really a thing which we should be taking for granted, should we?

 In my home, we have a maid for doing laundry. If she doesnt come one day, my mom takes over. Sometimes I wash my own clothes and sometimes I get too lazy. My father, on the other hand, never washes his own clothes. Now that I think about it, I realize that most men dont even know how to wash clothes! According to a survey done be Ariel, as much as 76% of Indian men think that only women should be doing laundry. Women, off course beg to differ. 73% of them think that Indian men just love to relax or watch TV after coming back from their work and dont help them with household chores at all. This needs to change. If a woman can come back from work and do laundry, why cant her husband/boyfriend help her with it? 85% of working women in India feel that they have two jobs - one at their workplace and another at their home? Why should they be made to feel this way?

 This debate can go and on. Who are we to decide who does what? Aren't husbands and wives supposed to share their whole lives? So why not share doing laundry? And why limit this to just couples? Shouldn't we - the lazy and pampered Indian children try to help our poor, overworked mothers?

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Why some men should never grow a beard

I like a good beard. Sometimes a stubble works too. However there are some men who should never ever grow a beard or even a stubble! Now if its somebody like Hugh Jackman or Tom Hiddleston, a beard looks yummy!

There was this incident which prevented an otherwise attractive man from making an impression on me. I was walking through my locality when a guy with a beard walked up to me and introduced himself. I am known as the local dog lover and he seemed to be aware of that. He had a dog himself so he thought he could talk to me using a common topic. I had no problem in talking to him except for the fact that he looked rather scary with his beard. Very very scary,in fact.

It was not a well kept beard. It was just a mess of facial hair. He looked like somebody who had his life taken away from him! As if he has lost his riches, his family, everything! I could very well make out that he probably looked good without the beard. Too bad he didnt understand that himself!

I somehow managed to talk to him about his pet dog and then politely declined when he asked me for my number. He just looked too scary. Dangerous, even!

Six months later, I was again walking through my locality when a guy came up to me and asked me how I was. Even though he looked quite good, I didnt answer his question because I didnt know him. As I was walking past him, he called out "I was the one with the beard"! I turned around and took a good look at him for sometime. Yes, it was the same guy!! Six months has passed and I had never even thought of him till then. And there he was again, this time without a beard. However, I just politely answered his question and walked away. Who wants to take back a no? Not me!

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