Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Role Model

My role model - Three heavy words.

Most people don't realize the importance of the words "role model". When I hear young girls stating proudly that so and so actress is their role model because she is so thin, I don't even know how to react. A role model is someone you can look up to. A role model is someone you need to interact with! How else are you going to imbibe the same qualities?

My choice has always been pretty simple. My father never ever let anybody take the place as far as my role model is concerned. He has always been my role model and he will always remain so. A kind hearted man with a gentle aura and a very unassuming nature, he is the man I look up to. Luckily, people tell me that I do have a lot of qualities like him.

Why is he my role model? Its simple really. He is kind, like I said above. He is soft-spoken, which is really hard to find nowadays. He stresses the importance of simple things like "being grateful" which people don't even  know the meaning of nowadays. He is also a very forgiving man. As his daughter, I have always wondered how he has been able to forgive people who should have been probably sentenced to death! That is what makes him great. He can forgive. That is yet another quality which people lack nowadays.

He keeps promises. It is not about promising me a gift or something and then keeping it. When he promises something to someone he keeps it. It could be something as small as a print-out( because the concerned person doesn't have a printer at home) or something big like a house. He has given away things just like that without even realizing what he is doing.

Who needs actors and actresses as role models? Not me!

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