Thursday, November 6, 2014

God is a Gamer - An exciting thriller by Ravi Subramanian

A free book is the best gift ever. More so if the book turns out to be a nail biting thriller which you cannot just put down! Unfortunately, there are not too many books like that and that too by Indian authors!

However, “God is a gamer” by Ravi Subramanian (writer of best-selling books like “The Bankster” and “Bankerupt”) is one of those rare books which force you to forget about eating or sleeping. You don’t care about anything as long as you get to finish the book!!

The book’s chapters are so short and the twists are so frequent that you lose track of everything around you. It is like one of those thrilling TV shows which play for only 20 minutes and leave you wanting more. Off course the best thing about reading a book is that there are no ad breaks!

The book is all about the “dark internet”. For people who are unaware of the same, the dark internet is the part of internet which is “hidden” or accessible only through a certain type of “hidden” network. For somebody like me, who was totally clueless about dark net or anything associated with it, this book came as a huge surprise.

Not knowing about the dark net from beforehand proved to be very advantageous for me. It is the reason why the book kept me glued. The more I read, the more I was surprised, shocked, flabbergasted even!
Along with the dark net, the book also explores banks and financial conspiracies, the advent of ”Bitcoin” – the  digital currency, Indian and US politics, international ATM heists and more.

 The book forces you to look up everything which is mentioned in it and that’s the sign of a good book. You don’t just shut it and forget it. You are forced to think about it for hours. You keep scouring Google for more information about certain things mentioned in the book. The fact that all of these things exist in real life makes the book even more exciting!

What more could ask for you in a book?  A racy love story? A murder? It is all there! The love story is not very integral to the plot and you can guess how it is going to end. But it is still fun to read!

The characters are not black or white. All of them are different shades of grey. The book explores the dark side of human nature and to what extent we all can go for extracting revenge. Even though I didn’t quite agree with the way of extracting the revenge, it is what made the book it is. You don’t care for any of the characters and yet you remain glued to the book!

The last chapter of the book tries to answer a lot of questions at once so you need to read it more than once for understanding what exactly went on. I had to read it thrice before writing this review. Even now I am reeling under the effect of the book and I am very sure that I am going to read it again in the future!

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