Monday, December 1, 2014

Why some men should never grow a beard

I like a good beard. Sometimes a stubble works too. However there are some men who should never ever grow a beard or even a stubble! Now if its somebody like Hugh Jackman or Tom Hiddleston, a beard looks yummy!

There was this incident which prevented an otherwise attractive man from making an impression on me. I was walking through my locality when a guy with a beard walked up to me and introduced himself. I am known as the local dog lover and he seemed to be aware of that. He had a dog himself so he thought he could talk to me using a common topic. I had no problem in talking to him except for the fact that he looked rather scary with his beard. Very very scary,in fact.

It was not a well kept beard. It was just a mess of facial hair. He looked like somebody who had his life taken away from him! As if he has lost his riches, his family, everything! I could very well make out that he probably looked good without the beard. Too bad he didnt understand that himself!

I somehow managed to talk to him about his pet dog and then politely declined when he asked me for my number. He just looked too scary. Dangerous, even!

Six months later, I was again walking through my locality when a guy came up to me and asked me how I was. Even though he looked quite good, I didnt answer his question because I didnt know him. As I was walking past him, he called out "I was the one with the beard"! I turned around and took a good look at him for sometime. Yes, it was the same guy!! Six months has passed and I had never even thought of him till then. And there he was again, this time without a beard. However, I just politely answered his question and walked away. Who wants to take back a no? Not me!

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