Wednesday, September 14, 2016

10 irritating things people do in a cinema hall

Have you ever been to a cinema and wished that you had never come? Have you ever been turned off by the constant show of PDA by the couple sitting in front of you? Have you wished that you were better off watching the movie at home?
Yes, we know the feeling. It is irritating to say the least. Even at this day and age people, or rather some people don’t know how to behave in public. The constant ringing of phones, the loud chatter and everything else is bound to get on your nerves.
Here are the top irritating things people are known to do in cinemas:
Not switching off their phones
This is at the top of the list. Nobody can say that they have been to a cinema and somebody’s phone hadn’t rung in the middle of the movie!
As mentioned above, many couples take to theatres just to find a cosy place. The movie is of no interest in them. Their constant antics become a source of irritation for most people. Some people, however, might find a couple’s PDA more entertaining in case the movie is boring.
Talking Loudly
Ever sat right behind two girls or two boys talking loudly about the movie? In such cases, one person has seen the movie already and keeps on spoiling it for others!
Crying babies
Babies crying loudly in a theatre are not cool at all. Most of the time the parents find it very hard to pacify the baby and he or she keeps on crying.
Munching popcorn loudly
Not many people experience this, but those who do find it to be very irritating. Most of the time the size of the popcorn bucket is so big that the loud chewing never ends!
Laughing loudly when everybody else is quiet
Some people are in the habit of laughing loudly at odd moments. The laughter might erupt even when a beloved character in the movie has just died!
Some people might find it entertaining, but whistling loudly when a popular actor or actress enters the movie is highly irritating. Most of the time it is accompanied by loud comments!
Dancing on the seats
It happens mostly when there is a Khan in the movie. Regardless of how bad the movie is, crazy fans get on top of their seats and start dancing!
Throwing coins at the screen
This is something which happens perhaps only in India. People get up and start emptying their pockets towards the screen! Most of the time the reason is a popular item number!
Seat stealing
Ever gone to a theatre and found somebody else occupying your place? Happens quite often, right? Most of the time these people do it knowingly!
Yelling at the screen

Yelling at the screen to know that the movie is awful is quite a common sight in theatres. The person indulging in it often has no idea about its effect on the other people sitting around him.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review - The Bestseller She Wrote is my favorite website.

Because they send me free books from time to time in exchange for a review!

This time I was sent "The bestseller she wrote" by Ravi Subramanian.

I had very high expectations from this book because the last book of Mr Subramanian was "God is a gamer" and I had liked it very much. That was also sent by had finished reading it in just one day.

So, I was expecting something along the same lines with this book. However, this book didnt quite meet my expectations. The cover itself hints at a love story which I wasnt interested in. It depicts a guy who looks overtly confident and cocky. The girl towards his right side is good to look at, but not beautiful. She can be best described as "alluring". And young.

So, with this kind of a cover which clearly told me that this book isnt a thriller or anything of that sort, I was sort of disappointed. But I read it anyway. I love reading books and this was another free book to read!

Moments into the book, I realized that the author was talking about somebody who exists in real life. the lead male character has passed out from one of the IIM-s, is a banker turned author and used to live in Hong Kong. Yes, everybody will realize who the author has based his character on. But unlike the real person, this character "Aditya Kapoor" isnt likeable at all. He lashes out at his best friend for no reason at all just because he is drunk. He is arrogant to the point of being a complete douche! He is so confident that it borders around narcisstic disorder.  With a central character who is like this, it is very difficult to hold onto a book.

And then there is the female character - Shreya. When her character counters Aditya in the first chapter itself, the reader gets some hope that at least this one will turn out to be a fiery character.


All her hatred/anger/criticism of the author goes away after just ONE night of reading Aditya's first book. Yes, just ONE night!

Very hard to believe really.

So our girl-turned-fangirl starts pursuing the author so vehemently that he gives in to her.

Hey, but what happened to the author's wife?

Read the book to find out. Its not a classic for sure, but its entertaining. Purists may not like the "extramarital" angle at all, but they are everywhere these days.

Readers who are new to Rabi Subramanian will not be disappointed. But "God is a gamer" remains his best book till date. He should write a sequel to that one. ASAP. My opnion is that he should write more of his "banking thriller" books. Romance is already a very crowded genre and doesnt need new authors anymore. Or rather I should say that banking is the one genre which needs more of Ravi Subramanian.

Good things:

1) Good pace
2) A different perspective on extramarital affairs
3) Will appeal to women

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!