Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review - Ramayana - The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams By Shubha Vilas

I have never been a big fan of mythology. Who wants to read about kings and queens who didnt exist? Anyway...I am not one to say no to a free book either! So in spite of the fact that I havent read the first part of the series, I signed up for reviewing Shubha Vilas's "Ramayana: The Game of life : Shattered Dreams".

This book actually took me to my childhood. Why my childhood? Because I remember gobbling up a big fat Ramayana in my childhood. I was just about 10 years old. I read and read it and then finished it and then picked it up again. The book belonged to my grandmother. She had read it and had given it to me. At the age when children read poems and fairy tales, I started reading the Ramayana! The Mahabharata came much later, but thats another story.

So, the Game of Life, without giving out any spoilers, delves deep into the Ramayana and answers some questions we didnt even know we had. For example, why was Rama exiled for 14 years? Why not 10? Or 15? Why specifically 14 years? Readers have to read the book to find out. The prose is smooth, the storytelling is vivid and the descriptions are spot-on. You can actually go back to that time and see the characters right through the eyes of your mind.

The cover shows a very distressed Rama, presumably over his exile. Its a side we have never seen before. We all know that he accepted his punishment with grace and decided to leave. But hey,even Gods can get upset!

I am glad I read this book. Now I will go ahead and buy the first book of the series. Hopefully there will be a third as well. A big thank you to BlogAdda for re-introducing me to the Ramayana.

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