Monday, April 13, 2015

Share the Load - Enter Ariel Matic!

Washing clothes has never been a man’s domain. At least not in this country! It is something which is supposedly only a woman’s job. Never mind the fact that women can do everything which men can and possibly some more.

Anyway, coming to the topic of washing clothes in my home – it has been always been the maid’s job. Sometimes I and my mother wash our own clothes. But my dad has never washed clothes! He can cook and he does so on weekends, but he never washes clothes.

So imagine the look on his face when I told him that I had entered a contest which required him to wash clothes! His face looked like I had asked him to go and jump from the terrace! After digesting the initial shock, my dad agreed to try his hand at the washing machine for the very first time in his life.

Enter Ariel Matic, recommended by LG, the company who sells the maximum number of washing machines in the country.

Was the experience good? Yes!

Ariel Matic didn’t just wash clothes, but also made them look like they have never been washed before! Whites looked whiter and the coloured ones looked more colourful than ever. It is definitely going to be the choice of washing powder for our home now.

So what is so good about Ariel Matic?

1)      It easily removed ink stains left on my dad’s t-shirt pocket
2)      It also managed to remove blood stains from a bed-sheet. My dog had cut her paw and had left a few drops of blood on the sheet. 18 hours had passed since the accident had occurred when the bed-sheet was loaded into the washing machine.
3)      Ariel Matic also managed to remove an old tea stain which I had left on one of my orange coloured kurtis!
So why would we even think of trying any other washing powder now? Ariel Matic it is!

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